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Sound Effects resources for flash and loops

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'Sound Effects' is one of the internet best resources. Video, Disc Jokey, Games, Flash, all of these media will be alive when there is a sound effect. Even there is only a small part of them, the different between both of them is really shown.

I am a flasher too, and i need a good resources for my project.

Search in google is one of my favorite, but i recommend a 'sound effects' to add more sound into your sound resources.
There is a complete list of sound effects. Start from animal sound effects, army sound effects, cartoon effects sound, hightech themes, people sound and effects, computer sound, instruments, ring sounds, sport sounds, and many more sound fx collection galleries.

With animal sounds i use them for my cellular ringtones. he he he it sounds good when i combined them into one pieces. Funny tone only for my mobile that you can't found out there. It's fun when i combined three sound of fart, scream and ambulance. Like someone is poisoned because of fart he he he he.. lol...

Different sound effects when combining loops and people sounds. I feel that i have a talent to become a DJ. Or i could make 'my own house music album'.
Isn't a creative mind don't you?? :)

as a blogger, we don't have spent our time just for writing or copy paste the other blogs content. You could get a stamp as a duplicate blog like duplicats.blogspot.com . Ahhh,it's bored me. Copycats is suck..

But i think google or other search engine still can't detect a sound copy cats. It's a good news for a copycaters. If you like to copy a content, why you don't try to make a copy site like this sound effects site?? Could you ?? I don't think so . .

Any way this is not a review site, just make a review another site of me :p

peace ..

By the way, sorry for my bad english. .. .^_^


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