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Google's 10th Birthday

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'Google's 10th Birthday' celebrate is coming. We hope that will there is a great news from Google corp.

Billions of people around the world is using Google. You are one of them. And for ten years Google gives us the best serving for search engine. Ten years Google help to search all the internet source and service. All you need is to type www.google.com into your address bar and start search what keyword do u want to look at.

Best result is given to you. Using the great analytics by counting how many links comes direct into a site, Google knows that this is the important thing. Google spread like a light and crawl all the web and save them safely in their system.

For 5 years i've been using google to search anything in the cyber world. Their are really helping me.

This september is their b'day month, so i would like to say 'Happy Birthday Google' and thanks for helping us. And this is 'Google's 10th Birthday' congratulation guys. Keep your good working. You are really important in this whole world. God bless

Image taken from http://www.google.com/holidaylogos07.html


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